#218 – Interview: Thadeus Gonzalez

In episode 218 of the Indie Music Podcast, Doug and Matt chat with Thadeus Gonzalez, a Bay Area music performance and recording artist. Thadeus talks about his 2 new singles, “Still in Your Mind” and “Death of a Good Hustle”. We talk about his signing with Rebel Wave Records, his upcoming album “Opposite Faces”, and what is has been like to work with producer Tim Narducci of the Watchers. They also get into how the pandemic has changed the way he has been working. Lastly, they talk about Thadeus’ weekly Facebook Live “Thursdays with Thadeus” acoustic concerts. It was great chatting with Thadeus and we hope you enjoy this episode!

#215 – Interview: Andy Stover

In episode 215 of the Indie Music Podcast, Doug and Matt interview Andy Stover, an independent musician and producer based out of Indiana. Doug and Matt talk to Andy about his upcoming release, “Not Too Late” due to release on all major platforms on April 12th. They also discuss Andy’s writing and production process, inspiration for songwriting, home studio, genres of music, and they also get to play some tracks from the upcoming album.