#224 – REW

In episode 224 of the Indie Music Podcast, Matt and Doug talk about Room EQ Wizard, commonly known as REW. They’ll also get into deeper discussions about setup, configuration, measurement mics and techniques, and usage of EQ correction produced in REW.

We hope you enjoy the Episode!

#216 – Microphones

In episode 216 of the Indie Music Podcast, Doug and Matt discuss the microphones they use for their studios and this podcast! They also talk about Doug’s desire to add a Royer mic to the mix for his guitar recordings. Doug and Matt also talk about how they create time to work on things the enjoy and of course, Aja makes another appearance in this episode.

#22: Motivation

Recording and Mixing Indie Music Podcast

In episode 22, Douglas and Mojo discuss motivation and creativity, where it comes from and how to get it back when you don’t have it. They delve a bit deeper into the inner psyche of the root of motivation and decisions. Additionally, productivity planning, time blocking, and Lewitt microphones (because squirrel!!) are discussed.