#328 – Podcast Social

In episode 328 of the Indie Music Podcast, We are switching things up a bit. With Matt out of town, Doug invites his son, Zach, onto the podcast where they talk about the ins and outs of social media as well as their views on the differences among platforms for exposure.

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#53: Season One Wrap-Up

Recording and Mixing Indie Music Podcast

In this extra episode of Indie Music Podcast Season One, Doug and Mojo look back on the first year of the podcast and talk about plans for Season Two, which begins in January 2021. Other topics covered: Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping strategy, the latest studio buildout updates, and a call to action for our listeners.

#44: Interview – Matt Bacon

Recording and Mixing Indie Music Podcast

In Episode 44 of the Indie Music Podcast, Matt and Doug interview Matt Bacon, head of Dropout Media and co-host of the Dumb and Dumbest podcast. We talk about the life of a label executive, music PR, Taiwanese Baseball, and most importantly, what bands should be doing right now to increase their audience and reach.